The Super Simple DMT Extraction Guide

Disclaimer: I am not promoting illegal drug use. I do not condone the use of this guide where DMT extraction is illegal. I do not condone the use of DMT outside of a legal or traditional context. This guide is for harm reduction purposes.

DMT is known as ‘The Spirit Molecule’ – and for good reason. DMT is one of the most powerful psychedelics on the planet, naturally occurring in many species of plants, and is thought to be released in tiny amounts in mammal brains. Although the issue is controversial, it’s also possible that the release of natural DMT is a factor in out-of-body experiences or spiritual states.

DMT is a molecule that mimics the neurotransmitter serotonin, much like the other classic psychedelics LSD and psilocybin. DMT’s psychological effects are mostly due to its binding to the 5-HT2A receptor, which is found mostly in areas of the brain associated with high-level cognition: self-awareness, emotions and introspection.

When smoked or injected intravenously, DMT causes a very rapid, very intense psychedelic experience which lasts a few minutes. Users report the feeling of being ripped from their bodies, and thrown through space at incredible speeds. DMT produces intense visual and auditory hallucinations of otherworldly landscapes, hidden dimensions and god-like beings. It often produces deep introspection in its users, allowing the revisitation of past memories and providing a fresh perspective on life.

DMT can also be ingested in the form of the ancient psychedelic brew ayahuasca, which is drunk in traditional healing ceremonies throughout South America. This experience is significantly different from that of smoked or injected DMT, lasting several hours rather than several minutes, and often causing vomiting and diarrhea. Despite the relatively unpleasant sounding experience, ayahuasca has been associated with a variety of therapeutic benefits, including the treatment of depression.

Here, I want to provide you with a detailed guide on how to procure DMT-containing plants, and how to extract this powerful psychedelic compound for personal use.

dmt extraction

Where to get DMT-containing plants

DMT is illegal worldwide, but the legality of DMT-containing plants varies. In many places, it’s possible to order DMT-containing plants online.

This guide for DMT extraction is specific for the bark of the Mimosa hostilis root, as this is the most commonly purchased DMT-containing plant. It usually comes as a course powder, shown here:


Mimosa hostilis root bark can be bought online from various vendors, but may not be able to be shipped to your country if there are restrictions on DMT-containing plants:

Although this guide is specific for M. hostilis, the extraction should work with any DMT-containing organic material – you just need to make sure you adjust the quantity of starting material depending on how much DMT is present in the species of plant you’re using.

Another popular DMT-containing plant is Psychotria viridis, which is used in traditional ayahuasca brews. It is also known as Chacruna to indigenous peoples.

If you are patient, you can grow your own DMT-containing plants from seeds, which are often not regulated to the same extent as plants. An example is Reed Canary Grass seeds, which can be purchased online in some countries.

The DMT-containing plant market is always changing, so keep an eye out for new appearances. Here is a list of some popular DMT-containing plants, many of which could be available through online vendors to your country.

The chemistry of DMT extraction (simplified)

This is a simplified explanation of what’s happening during the chemistry of DMT extraction. Skip ahead for the step-by-step instructions!

The most common technique is called an ‘acid/base extraction’, but it’s pretty complicated. We’ve decided to talk you through the ‘straight to base’ extraction technique, which is a little easier. Here’s the outline of the chemistry:

Your DMT containing plant is ground into a powder and mixed with a base, most commonly sodium hydroxide (NaOH). This dissolves the plant matter, leaving you with DMT molecules floating around in a base solution.

The next step is to get the DMT out of this base solution. Luckily there’s an easy way of doing this; the base solution is charged (polar), but the DMT molecules aren’t (non-polar). This means that adding a non-polar solvent will attract the DMT molecules out of the polar base solution. This non-polar solvent (now containing the DMT) forms a separate layer from the base solution, and can be siphoned off from the rest of the solution.

The final step involves getting the DMT molecules out of the non-polar solvent, which can be done by evaporation or freezing.


The simplified chemistry of the “Straight to Base” extraction method

Step-by-step DMT extraction

Adapted from Noman’s tek on the DMT-nexus.

Please read the guide thoroughly and make sure you understand the process before attempting it.


  • DMT-containing plant such as Mimosa hostilis root bark
  • Water
  • Lye (granulated sodium hydroxide)
  • Vinegar (for safely cleaning up Lye spills)
  • Naphtha VM&P (if unavailable, 40-60 Petroleum Ether can be used)


  • Personal safety: fume mask, safety goggles and rubber gloves
  • Grinder or blender that is capable of crushing ice
  • Glass mixing jar – with a wide mouth and tight fitting lid, around a litre or larger (depending on how much plant material you are starting with)
  • Collection jars with lids x4 (glass jelly/jam jars will do)
  • Coffee filters
  • Rubber spatula
  • Freezer
  • Pipette
  • Eyedropper


  • Cut and blend your plant material until it’s as fine as you can get it – wear a mask to avoid breathing in the powder.
  • Slowly add your lye to your water a tablespoon at a time, mixing until dissolved, in your mixing jar. For 50g Mimosa hostilis bark, use 750ml water and 50g of lye. NOTE: lye can cause chemical burns and should be treated with care. Neutralise any spills with vinegar. Wear gloves and safety glasses.
  • Add your powdered plant to the jar, tightly close the lid, shake thoroughly and then leave for about an hour.



  • Add your naphtha to the mixing jar: for 50g Mimosa hostilis bark, use 50ml naphtha.
  • Put the lid back on your mixing jar and gently mix it for about a minute, turning it upside down a few times. Don’t shake it, as this will make it hard to separate out the two layers later.
  • Set down your mixing jar and allow the two layers to separate.
  • Repeat this gentle agitation a few more times.
  • Once the layers have separated after your final agitation, use your pipette to move the top (clear) layer into one of your collection jars. This contains your DMT. Try to avoid taking any of the darker, bottom layer, as this contains nasty stuff you don’t want carried over.
  • Add more naphtha to the mixing jar and repeat the above steps three more times to get every last remaining bit of DMT out of the base solution.
  • Optional – leave the last batch of naphtha in the mixing jar for a couple of days to get the maximum amount of DMT from the base solution.
  • Put all four of your collection jars (containing DMT in a naphtha solution) in the freezer and leave overnight.



  • The freezer should have made your DMT crystallise in your collection jars. Pour the solutions through a coffee filter to collect the DMT. The naphtha can be saved and reused in future extractions.
  • NOTE: many people report that DMT crystals are not visible after freezing. Sometimes they will just be suspended in the naphtha, and will appear after you pour the naphtha through the filters. However, if your freezer is not cold enough, it may take extra time for the crystals to form. You can leave your collection jars in the freezer for longer to try and reach a colder temperature.
  • Use your rubber spatula to get every last bit of naphtha solution out of the collection jars.
  • Carefully lay out your coffee filters to dry. When dried, this DMT powder is ready to smoke, but can be refined further in the optional step below.
  • Many people find that their DMT remains stuck to the side of the jars – if there’s nothing on your coffee filters, check the insides of the jars for crystals.



  • Put your DMT powder in a small glass container.
  • Put your solvent (either naphtha or heptane) in another, separate glass container. You will need about 25ml of solvent for every gram of DMT powder.
  • Carefully place both glass containers into a pan of hot water, so their contents start to heat up. NOTE: your solvent will give off flammable fumes, so DO NOT use a gas stove or have open flames around.
  • Use an eyedropper to add tiny bits of your hot solvent to the DMT powder. Swirl the glass container around and keep adding solvent until all the DMT is dissolved. Try to use as little solvent as you can get away with.
  • Take the pan of water off the heat, and leave it to cool down to room temperature.
  • Take the glass container with your dissolved DMT powder, now at room temperature, and put it in the fridge.
  • When it has cooled down, move the container into the freezer and leave for a few hours.
  • You can now filter out your refined DMT crystal using a coffee filter. This process can be repeated for even greater purity.


The Quick Version

Adapted from Lazyman’s tek on the DMT-nexus

For those of you that don’t like the look of all those steps, and just want to get your DMT out of your plant as quickly as possible (without worrying about purity or yield), here’s a simpler protocol:


  • DMT-containing plant such as Mimosa hostilis root bark
  • Water
  • Lye (granulated sodium hydroxide)
  • Vinegar (for safely cleaning up Lye spills)
  • Naphtha VM&P (if unavailable, 40-60 Petroleum Ether can be used)


  • Personal safety: safety goggles and rubber gloves
  • Large ceramic mixing bowl (5L)
  • Potato masher
  • Large measuring jug (2L)
  • Large glass baking dish
  • Fan


  • Break up 400-500g of Mimosa hostilis root bark and put it in a mixing bowl. Make sure the bark only fills half the bowl.
  • Slowly add 200g of lye to 2-3L of water. NOTE: lye can cause chemical burns and should be treated with care. Neutralise any spills with vinegar. Wear gloves and safety glasses.
  • Add your lye solution into the mixing bowl with the root bark. Wait an hour.
  • Use your potato masher to stir and mash up your root bark for 20-30 minutes.
  • Pour 250ml of naphtha into the bowl and mix for another 20-30 minutes.
  • Let the solvent separate out to the top of the mixture for a few minutes.
  • Pour the top, clear solvent layer off into your glass baking dish. Avoid getting any of the lower, dark layer in the dish.
  • Evaporate the solvent by blowing air from your fan across the baking dish.
  • The remaining powder is your smokeable DMT.

How do I know the purity of my extracted DMT?

All you have to worry about when you make your own DMT is how efficient you’ve been in following the instructions. If you’ve used poor quality ingredients, or done a messy job (i.e. carried over some of the base solution by accident), you may end up with more impurities in your DMT powder. This can be unpleasant to smoke.

There’s a myth that the colour of DMT powder tells you its purity – this isn’t true, as there are a number of factors that contribute to the colour of DMT powder. Generally, if your powder is white, yellow, red or brown, it is safe to smoke. If it is green or blue, something has gone wrong in your extraction and you should try again.

Alternative extraction guides

As mentioned earlier, many extraction protocols use an acid/base extraction method, which we haven’t covered here as the straight-to-base method is a lot simpler. However, if you are interested in being extremely thorough and want to try an acid/base extraction, there is a large selection of guides here on the DMT-nexus.

Safety information

DMT is illegal in most places. I don’t condone breaking the law or using DMT outside a legal and traditional context. If you do decide to take DMT, make sure you research its effects and risks.

DMT is a very powerful psychedelic and should be treated with respect. You should understand how best to prepare for a psychedelic experience, and integrate it afterwards.

Be aware of your dosage! A recommended first-time dose of smoked DMT powder is 15mg.

When following these extraction guides, make sure to understand the process before you start. If you are using a DMT-containing plant other than Mimosa hostilis, make sure you are aware of the differences and adjust your procedure accordingly. Always wear rubber gloves and safety goggles, and a dust mask if you are grinding up plant matter.

If using lye (sodium hydroxide), avoid getting it on your skin, and always wear safety goggles. If you get it on your skin, wash it off with copious amounts of water (and ideally use vinegar too, if it’s within reach, to neutralise the lye). If you get it in your eye, run your eye under tap water for at least 20 minutes and see a doctor. If you spill a large amount, neutralise it with vinegar before cleaning it up. When adding lye to water, add it slowly and mix well.

520 thoughts on “The Super Simple DMT Extraction Guide

  1. Hey can you use liquid sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner) for this extraction and how much do I use if I’m using 50g of acacia bark. A quick response would be appreciated

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  2. Can and should I put all of the DMT into one container during extraction? Also what are some ways I can weigh my materials? I don’t really have a scale on hand. If not I’ll see if I can buy one. I’m sorry that was a dumb question. Oh one more thing, unless I’m blind and I missed something, how long should I leave step 2 to separate. Ok that’s it. Thanks.


  3. I followed the steps exactly to produce what visually seemed to be dmt, however when smoked, I can only take about 1 hit before the smoke transitions to an acrid unsmokable abomination.
    I decided to purify the dmt using the method listed above. I purified it 3 times and still have the same problem.

    The thing that bugs me is that in one extraction, I produced perfect product, but I can’t repeat results even with identical procedure.

    Anyone have any idea what the problem is? I’m at my wits end.


  4. Just did this. It worked very well. Thank you. But two questions. It’s quite flakey. Should it be? It’s a bit harder to handle like this.

    Also. It made a good amount but I find I had to snooker quite a large amount for it to be effective. Any tips on what might have happened? Or is it maybe the way I’m smoking it? We used a bong.


  5. nathan you may have gotton a little of the bottom layer in when funneling off the non polar mixture from the polar mixture


    • Tim I considered that, but I was very careful to avoid that. I used a dropper to place the solution in a small glass bowl which I then poured into to glass container in the freezer. If a tiny bit of lye/plant mixture was inadvertently extracted, it’d stick to the bottom of the primary glass bowl.
      I also used the correct ratios.
      The only unknown variable I can think of is my MHRB. However the fact that I can pull decent yields indicates that it isnt my problem.


      • nathan, ive smoked dmt 20+ times and every time its been acrid and horrible tasting.if you made a batch that was pleasant to smoke i want to know how you did it. along that line i cant get naptha in cali. do you have that problem where your at, or do you use a sub. and if so what?? appreciate any help you can give me. its my first batch i thought it would be easier getting the other ingrediants. thank you


      • Tim
        While it has never been pleasant to smoke, I had previously extracted a good batch. It only took about 2 hits to blast off into hyperspace.
        When I say the stuff that I am currently extracting is nasty I’m talking about the smoke being so acrid the smoke will burn your nose if you smell it.

        As for acquiring namptha I didn’t have a problem. I was able to buy a 2 pack on Amazon.


      • I think I know what your problem is. Check your Naphtha supply. Just because you got it from amazon doesn’t mean its the proper stuff. I tried buying from Amazan, because in California Naphtha isnt aloud to be sold. They sent me a Naphtha like product, it was not Naphtha. It contained external ingredients that ruined it.


  6. I have a question – If I leave 4th batch to sit for 2 days, do I need to gently mix the contents prior naphta extraction (after 2 days) or simply extract naphta without mixing the jar?

    Thank you for this wounderful tek!


  7. Thanks for this easy tutorial I will be trying but I lm younger so I don’t have a job. But when I’m older and have a job I’ll have the good shit.


  8. Hi guys,

    I just wanted to post short info about my yield so other people can know what to expect.

    Ingredients used:
    250g mimosa hostilis root bark
    2l distilled water
    160g lye
    Around 200-250ml naphta used in every pull (4 pulls in total)
    Last batch left to stay for a day and a half

    Total yield: 890mg (0.356% out of 250g)

    I followed the steps precisely, but still got low yield. Maybe i should have used more lye.
    Anyway, for my first time, I’m more than happy.

    Didn’t try it out yet thou 😛

    Advice for first timers: Get more than 50g of mimosa because getting those high yields can be tricky


    • Way unnecessary amount of lye, and maybe use a bigger container. Also I recommend a warm water bath and shaking vigorously and often when everything is in the container


  9. How long do I have to leave the Naptha in the freezer for? And how do I store the DMT once I’m done making it? I heard something about it turning liquid in warm environments.


    • hi guys!

      first things first: wht great page here!!! thx for the work & the great dialogue, u guys are amazing!!!
      some questions:

      how many hours should the mimosa-lye-water solution ideally stay before adding naphta?

      & further on…

      after adding naphta- how long should one give the naphta to absorb up the product?

      safe travels and all the best 🙂


  10. If I were to use 500g bark root powder and a 2.5 liter jar, how much lye should I use and should I leave the jar more than an hour after shaking it the first time?

    This tek suggests 750ml water for 50g bark root, meaning 7,5l water for 500g bark root. I struggle finding a container that large and was wondering if I can still do it in one step with a smaller container.


  11. Is there a specific type of water that should be used? I have seen comments referencing ionized water and distilled water. I assume regular tap water should be avoided. Can someone share thoughts or recommendations? Thanks!


  12. recently did A/B tek. first time doing it. i poured it into a large pan to evaporate/dry. i got lots of white crystals but also there is a lot of sticky residue on the pan ehich makes scraping it up difficult. im not sure if the residue is normal. any help would be appreciated.


    • i couldnt get naptha at first so i tryed petroleum ether aka starting fluid and it came out the way you described. i then used naptha and pure distilled water and it came out perfect but i also used the freezer and coffee filters instead of evaporation


    • It is probably oils from the extraction and/or less pure DMT that is dissolved in naptha and is not fully dried. You can purify with heptane. Can find at home depot. You want to scrape up as much as you can, put it into a shot glass or something similar (small, easy to stir without spilling, and resistant to heptane). Then you want to cover it with the minimal amount of heptane you need to cover the crystals, plus maybe like literally just a few mL more. Then you want to VERY carefully and slowly heat the glass (the heptane will heat up) while stirring constantly until it all dissolves. You should see the clear heptane with the good stuff dissolved and maybe some yellowish orange residue (these are oils so they wont mix with the heptane). Don’t use a flame, rather a double boiler or something. Immediately after everything is dissolved, place it in the freezer covered tightly with saran wrap and DON’T TOUCH IT for at least 12 hrs. If you don’t see anything after this, allow the solution to warm up and repeat the process. You shouldn’t have to add more heptane. repeat the process but once the solution has been in the freezer for a bit (feels very cold to the touch), take it out carefully and scratch the bottom of the shot glass fairly vigorously with a glass stirring rod or something similar, and you should start to see white flakes coming out of solution. Do that and then put it back in to do its thing for a while longer, and don’t fucking shake or shit like that, treat it like youre balancing an egg. Once you’ve done all this, take it out of the freezer and do your best to pour out all the liquid (the DMT tends to stick to the glass but NOT always) quickly but carefully. My preferred way is to get an oral syringe, place it at the top of the liquid and pull the liquid out SLOWLY. If the DMT starts to get sucked, stop and wait for it to settle and maybe even repeat the freezing process. Then once youve done your best, leave it uncovered but not exposed to heat or sun, and allow to dry, then scrape it out.
      And you always should be evaporating the Naptha in the freezer or at least try to keep it cold, youre product will wind up more pure the first time because the freebase is practically insoluble in cold naptha but it can dissolve a bit when the naptha warms up and that is probably what is causing the residue.

      My preferred method is to use martini glasses for this because a razor blade allows you to easily get out nearly all of the product.


    • Did you use mimosa or one of the many other plants that contain the molecule?
      The mimosa has the best percentage of DMT to plant fat…in other words, the residue you speak of is fat


  13. What is the need for 4 collection jars? is this to help with anything besides freezer size limitations? Could I place all collections within the same glass baking dish? Also, DMT I have purchased in the past had a slightly sticky consistency, with my First attemp I am not noticing this, Should I? Is that a sign something has gone wrong?


  14. Hi, is it ok to mix the raw rootbark? I have 25g each of mimosa hostilis and acacia confusa.
    Should I do them separately or can I mix them?


  15. Hey everyone! I did the entire thing start to finish very carefully, and just drained it through the coffee filter. I don’t know if I was supposed to shake the already cold collection jar before filtering the Naptha through the coffee filter, but now that my coffee filters are dry, I see no powder whatsoever. Is it that the room is warm where I was letting it dry or what? Thanks in advance.


  16. I used Shellite instead of Naptha in Australia.
    Followed exactly the procedure (50g bark) and only got a very tiny amount of residue in the filters. When I scraped it it basically disappeared. Any suggestions where I went wrong ??


    • it probly wasent all dry yet when you scraped it its like crystals emerging out of the fats and oils and other alkaloids so its just not icolated enough repull with xyleene or heptaine to pull just the nmdmt and dont throw out the other stuff after werds because those alkaloids will be fun on there own if you can help it but yeah all together its two much going on for the crystals to be strong enough to not go back into the fold of the other alkaloids if disterbed.


  17. Hi. Thank you for providing all this information. I tried the first method with Acacia Catechu Root Powder and used Zippo Lighter Fluid as I couldn’t find Naphtha. Everything was going well, the crystals were formed, but once the crystals were out of the freezer, they would simply melt. What might be causing this?


      • None that can be collected. My jars weee small so hard to get into to scrape. Thinking I might use a large flat glass container (like a baking dish) next time. Would that work better ? Thanks for your help.


    • Did you have your freezer on it’s coldest setting and leave it in freezer a minimum of 24 hours. You should get Crystal’s floating in the liquid and on the glass. Not necessarily in the filter.


    • i never have used the coffie filter way so try the other way and use heptaine or xylean and freez parcip it and then pour out the solvent after what will crystalize on the jar after 24 hours in the freezer with a top screwed air tight on the pull and fan pyrex tray evap it and more will come out and if at the end of the evap all you have is a tray of goo then take a flat edge razor and start scrape spreading it and needing it and slathering it from side to side with the fan on it and take a break every so often to let more of the solvent escapr because the cristalization laws witch govern the formation are quicker that the evap time of the solvent so it l;iterally gets trapped in the formation of the crystal making it a thick goo if you can follow the logic there youll knoiw how to coax it out from there


    • I actually experimented with iv dmt recently and I advise starting small and working up. Then again there is no risk of self-administering a lethal dose so you dont need to worry. What you need to do is use a diluted acid to break down the freebase. I first used citric powder then vinegar. Both worked. Use as little acid as possible. Also make sure and filter it. It is unfortunate I used a batch of dmt that was poor quality, so I cannot tell you what your experience will be like but after shooting a moderate smoked dose I did at least 100mg per syringe, two within a few days. I had been trying to vaporize it properly but it just was not good quality. I am very familiar with the needle from my dope fiend days and after going down through there with abscesses, cellulitis, etc. I know how to iv properly. I strongly suggest just smoking it, but if you are intent on iv then be careful. Despite what all the needle haters say, it can be a pretty safe and effective way to use drugs if you have the required knowledge and finesse. The body is very resilient but there’s no reason to take unnecessary risks, be as sterile as possible and like I said go easy on the acid.


  18. Hi 🙂
    What type of water I must use ?
    Normal water or destiled water?
    How many PH should the water be?
    I hope to hearing from you soon, 🙂


    • so if its acacia then a crock pot is usefull for the vinagar acid faqze of the slow prosses of getting the nmdmt to turn out of the bark as dmt acitate and enters the vinagar water after a wile of alot of heat and movment because you must play with it ever so ofter to keep the jucis flowing and the dmt falling out of the barks sinues folds and into the acidic suspention and thats because of the fats withch are in acacia confusa witch are not in momosa hostillus so most of the people on this page are using momosa and t5o that regard a crock pot is of no use unless you unsure of the barks true nature they can say its momosa all da and be sinsearly wrong thats why some people have varying results unless your cutting the tree up yourself its not a bad idea to do the acid base procedure anyways but if you are sure its momosa no crock straitr to bace it all you need no crocking just liewater shoking with solvent pulling freezingand fan evap scraping


    • usually its baced off the size of the container your using to shake and bake in what ever you use try to have it with a graduated tapering neck like wine or beer or some carlorossi neck and that is how much solven you shoud use each time enoughjt to fill the begining of the tapering to the smallest taper at the top that way its naturally going to w2at to return to that area considering the material would rathe be uniform at the lower larger easyer portion of the container while the lighter solvent has an easyer time finding its place at the top and you can pull mor off with less of a chance of pulling and sludge cuz there is 4 inches of solven rather than in a jar and 1 inch if you can imagin such a vivid description


  19. Should I let the mimosa bark dry before attempting to extract the DMT?
    Approximately how much fresh organic material is needed ?
    An earlier comment mentioned it was impossible to administer a lethal dose intravenously to one’s self . What would a lethal dose be?
    Also I’ve never tried DMT but I suppose I’d rather make my own and know it’s pure then try to find it elsewhere. I live in louisiana and mimosa grows wild everywhere around here.
    Dosage . Ok so if this recipe yields 1g and that yields 20 doses . If I put .25 into a oil burning? Pipe? Like a meth pipe? Then that would be five doses . So then one good hit should do it? Or two hits? Thanks in advance y’all


  20. Hey guys running a STB extraction using 500g MHRB, and just got a bit confused.
    After naphta and base solution were mix and sat for the night, there is three layers:
    dark base solution
    A fuzzy white layer
    And a thin layer of clear naphta
    I assume that something went wrong and like to know how to gent rid of that white layer.
    Thank you


      • Thank you for your answer.
        The thing is that the top layer seems to be only a third of the whole naphta used.
        Is there a chance that the two third left are mixed with that fuzzy white thing? And is it necessary to remove the white layer before going to next pull ?


  21. So i’m just back from taking my very first hit of DMT about 30 minutes ago and… wow!!!

    I’ll get to my experience in a minute but first will just say that I followed the instructions here down to a tee and ended up with 0.5-0.75 of a gram of pure white crystal off 50g root bark (I didn’t weigh it so educated guess). I’d been worrying since i started last night that it wouldn’t turn out right or i’d done something wrong but i needn’t have worried at all!!

    I’m in the UK in the Channel Islands and couldn’t get VM&P Naptha or Petroleum Ether where i am so i substituted that for Newport lighter fluid and everything went perfect. Nothing at all was on my coffee filters but instead was all around the bottom and sides of my collection jars… My only hindrance was the nightmare of finding something suitable to get right in a jam jar to scrape it all out!!

    So… The experience… I put what i thought was a reasonable amount on a bong, bit of oregano on top and took a hit and held it in for 10 seconds. Before i even exhaled i was gone. Without warning. I literally just had enough time to put the bong down before i had to lay back and be in that other dimension. Its completely indescribable but i’ll give it a go…

    The intensity was scary, very scary, but comforting. It was so weird, I’ve 100% been to that place before. The geometric shape dimension. It was so familiar. There was ‘voices’ welcoming me back over and over and people were ‘there’ but i don’t think i actually saw anyone… but at the same time i definitely wasn’t alone. Then a lot of ‘words’ were being said, in a womans voice, in a completely out of this world language yet i understood it all although the meaning of it has unfortunately been left there. All i know is that i’m always gonna be okay. And weirdly while i was there i was convinced i was going to piss myself… Luckily when i came back around i hadn’t!! All in all i was gone for about 12 minutes before i opened my eyes and was able to feel myself back in my room and maybe another 10-15 to get back to baseline.

    I think maybe i put too much on the bong / took too big a hit?? Obviously i got to where i was supposed to go but I always hear people taking 2-3 hits to get there and get there gradually. But there’s no way i could have even seen the bong for another hit let alone take one!! I’ve still got a whack load left but i’m going to have to save that for quite a while while i fully digest whats just happened.

    All in all that was… Special… Just wow

    And i’ve 100% been to that place before


    • glad you enjoyed it. it really is intense the first time. i have noticed (for myself) that no matter how hard i try i just cant get that same intensity as the first time, now just chasing it. I still get very high and still enjoy it but that first time I dont believe will ever happen again. One hit? Wow must be the bong. Ive heard the bong gets you higher. So you used lighter fluid and didnt get the oily residue? Great! Try amazon for vmp. Best wishes.


      • After having a night to reflect on the experience I think i will probably have another smoke sometime during the week. I think the nervousness of not knowing fully what to expect and shock of the sudden onset of it started me off in a bit of a bad place (I literally had to drop the bong) and it did take me a little while to settle in to the trip. Now i know what to expect i think next time hopefully i’ll be more relaxed, use a bit less, take it slower and not all in one massive hit!

        I’m not sure what you mean by ‘oily residue’ so i don’t think there was any. This brand of lighter fluid just says it contains ‘Solvent Naptha (petroleum) Light Aliph’. I live on a (UK dependent) small island off the French coast with notoriously strict border controls/customs so it can be tricky to get hold of things. An Amazon/Ebay search for Naptha doesn’t come up with anything for me. An Ebay search for Petroleum Ether does although they don’t ship here to the Channel Islands. As far as i’m aware i’d need a licence to import it to the island too. Even just ordering the root bark caused me to have a sweat on until it actually arrived because i was seeing conflicting opinions online as to its actual legality in the UK. The only things i found easily were the Lye and De-ionised water.

        The whole process was a bit of a rush job to be fair and i just sourced what i could from local hardware stores late on Friday afternoon. Now i’ve had the experience i can take my time to try and source more suitable ingredients and equipment before i make another batch. Even my mixing Jar was just an emptied 1 litre jar of gherkins i got from the supermarket!! I also used a 2ml syringe to extract the Naptha but found the rubber part of the plunger getting harder and tighter per pull (likely due to the coldness of the fluid and i went through 5 of them) so in that respect i think a pipette would definitely be more ideal. Also my bong was a very hastily made old school job made from a 1 litre coke bottle. I was initially halfway through making a meth pipe from a light bulb until i read that that way didn’t always work for everyone.

        Still, all that aside i did end up with what i wanted to end up with so i cant complain!

        My only questions would be how important people feel the optional recrystallisation step is?? My impatience caused me to skip this step this time. Does the purity of the product effect the actual trip or does it just lead to a cleaner smoke?? And also what do people think the best way to smoke it is?? Given that any way i could do it would probably have to me made from things i could find around the house :oD

        Thank you :o)


    • Hiya mate. No way, I’ve actually screenshotted your post because word for word was what happened to me. They were trying to teach me this language that humans have forgotten…. Ps I in England too (Mani). I found swan/Zippo lighter fluid is reet. The ingredients actually say naptha. I’d never heard of it before researching this. Nice 1 our kid


  22. So reading these steps. I did a process diffrent lazy man tek but I boiled the root bark I had add distilled water and vinagre and I had some yield but is adding vinigre to the water then adding lye later not a good idea?


  23. Followed to a T, put my jars in the freezer overnight, seemed to have a good amount in liquid.
    Strained thru A coffee filter, still looked correct, let it dry on the filter, now it’s just a stain….
    Any ideas?


  24. Hey howzit,

    How to desolve dmt crystals into plant to make changa? And what plant would be recommended? Also I believe then it’s not vulnerable to an open flame as the pure form?


  25. I tried this, and no crystals showed up after 24 hours in freezer. I used the same naptha and tried again and still nothing in the freezing jar or in the coffee filter. Why didn’t it work? My freezer is very cold. Perhaps I didn’t mix it well enough. Any suggestions?


  26. hi guys,

    first things first: most excellent page & dialogue here cool stuff!

    i have two questions some may can give a statement to…

    – how long does it take for the mimosa-lye-water brew to seperate the desired product- with other words: how long should I ideally mix and let the brew stay before adding nafta?

    – same for the nafta… how long ideally mix and wait before doing the pulls?

    all the best two u all & good cosmic energies!


  27. To those of you who have not found success in extracting, there’s a step missed in these instructions. After you add in the initial 50ml of naptha, run the mixing jar under hot water while shaking periodically for an hour, then let sit and separate for an hour, then pull and freeze. The yield will increase. I tried 3 times unsuccessfully until I did the hot water step and it finally worked.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. I used calcium hydroxide but didn’t add the vinegar.used 50g of mimosa 600 ml of water 50g calcium hydroxide.mixed an hour added 100 ml of naphtha.kept warm and slightly tilted jar to mix.jar was covered by baggie and rubber band let sit and kept warm for 21 hours siphoned off naphtha and put in has been in the freezer now for 2h. Will this work without vinegar and how can I improve.did I do anything else wrong.thank you all and wish me luck.positive feedback would be greatly appreciated


  29. What is the need for 4 collection jars? is this to help with anything besides freezer size limitations? Could I place all collections within the same glass baking dish?


  30. I left in freezer for 10 hours and no crystals but what looked like 2 small chunks of frozen water according to research.I took out of freezer it was cloudy.I let set at room temp the frozen water chunks had what looked like melted but stayed in same shape in a clear form.I put dish on top of a cup of hot water and set a fan about 6ft away.I evaded s quarter of liquid.the little spots were still there plus a few more clearer ones.I put back in freezer crystals and the little spots did same thing.I have evaporated it down to less than a quarter of its original volume.I had a few more really clear spots form.I put it back in freezer a few hours ago looked at it after an hour.the original little spots acted same way and the new clear ones are still any of this dmt.what should I do.


    • This has happened to me before. Instead of a sandwich bag etc, get cling film, and as tight as you can seal the top. 2 times. So it’s tight as a drum. Make sure jar was dry too. Absolutely NO water or air can get in when freezing mate


  31. Went through all the steps and even included the acidification step and i got a decent yield (approx. 1 gram). Then I followed (OPTIONAL) STEP 4: RECRYSTALLISATION OF DMT FOR FURTHER REFINEMENT and the whole lot evaporated…!


  32. Mimosa bark is not available where I live, how much should the measurements/weights be changed if I used the Reed grass? Like how much pulverized grass matter to naptha, and so on.


  33. So after finally receiving my MHRB, I was able to complete my extraction. I followed the procedure very closely with as much precision as I could get.

    My yield from the first extraction from the Naphtha solution was under 10 mg and the second was not much better. I followed the extra step from @Mehal to warm the mixing jar with water while allowing the Naphtha and NaOH to separate. My yield from those jars has been higher but still not impressive. I am thinking that I should have used distilled water in the beginning, but I had used tap water.

    The more curious thing that I discovered is when I tested my samples to confirm it was DMT. I did tested multiple samples from the naphtha solution and the freebase itself. I used a Hofmann reagent which reacts with DMT (turns yellow), 5-MeO-DMT (turns green), and LSD (turns purple). I found that the samples dissolved in the naphtha turned yellow and the freebase turned green. After leaving them for extended time, they both became more green. I retested the samples after adding the new step and found that they reacted similarly, but both started off yellow.

    Wondering if anyone else has discovered the same because this makes it a sizable flaw. I could have also made a flaw in my extraction, which could also explain the really low yield if I only extracted the 5-MeO-DMT.


    • The yields using this method are low, because it’s quick and easy. Try out the acid-to-base method for greater yields.

      Reagent tests are not particularly reliable, especially if there are impurities in the substance. I’ve had all sorts of issues with Ehrlich’s reagent and others for testing LSD, ketamine, MDMA etc.


      • My plan at this point is to use the rest of my MHRB with an acid-to-base method. The more I looked into the different methods, I realized that I actually got the expected amount. Also, I do see how impurities can mess up the tests. I only have the two tests and I don’t think that is enough redundancy to reliably test the material. I appreciate the response!


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